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Every Fandom Fanfic Fest

A Fanfic Fest Based On Everything!

Every Fandom Fanfiction Festival
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated
Every Fandom (Books, Movies, TV, Etc) Fanfiction Festival

WELCOME TO everyfandomfest


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everyfandomfest is a fanfiction festival inspired by communities such as heroes_fest.

The point of everyfandomfest is to give story ideas, write fics, and share them with people who enjoy the different fandoms of all things like books, movies, tv, etc ship as much as you do.


This community is for everyone that loves the books, movies, tv, etc together! Even if you've never written a fic before, feel free to join and try your hand at it. Even if you don't plan on writing a fic, join! This community is based on prompts, so if you can't write your own story (or if you can) but you have a plot idea to share, let's here it!


Round One:
Prompt Submission: June 13 - August 15
Claiming Period/Writing Period: August 8 - November 17
Posting Period: November 1 - November 24
All Dates are Subject to Revision
* dated changed on 7/24/09


If you've never participated in a fanfiction fest before, you're probably wondering, how does this all work? Here's what happens. First, join the community. Read the rules, the profile, etc. The usual. Then, submit prompts. A prompt is just a story idea. Ex. "The 9th Doctor and Rose's first date..." or "10th Doctor/Rose reunion" (both from Doctor Who). Once a good number of prompts are collected, submission will be closed and the claiming period will begin. Members may claim prompts that they would like to write fan fictions based on. This will be followed by a writing period when the members will have time to write their fics. Finally, there will be a posting period, where members may post their fic to the community for everyone else to read.

What Else?

Pimp this comm! Do you have friends who write fic? Know some huge books, movies, tv etc fans? Tell them, ask them to join. The more members we have, the more prompts and fics we'll have, and the more fun it will be!

Other Questions? Contact the mod HERE.

If we decided to affiliate together and your comm was a fanfic comm, like say 'terminatorfic' or something that doesn't fit into the other categories, please contact me via the contact a mod page, as that list of affies somehow got deleted, so sorry!

Character Comms

amongthedeadmen - 'Professor Bernice Summerfield' from Doctor Who
blue_box_love - 'TARDIS' from Doctor Who
brilliantorange - 'Victoria' from Twilight
doctor_four - 'The Fourth Doctor' from Doctor Who
dracomalfoyfans - 'Draco Malfoy' from Harry Potter
gijenny - 'Jenny' from Doctor Who
ginny_obsession - 'Ginny Weasley' from Harry Potter
itsaboutgin - 'Iris Wildthyme' from Doctor Who Audios
luciemillertime - 'Lucie Miller' from Doctor Who Audios
morganafay - 'Morgana Fay' from Merlin (BBC)
oh_fiddle - 'Victoria Waterfield' from Doctor Who
pike_2009 - 'Captain Christopher Pike' from Star Trek
princesserimem - 'Erimem' from Doctor Who Audios
thefuturequeen - 'Gwen' from Merlin (BBC)
trap_one - 'Jo Grant' from Doctor Who
unearthy_child - 'Susan' from Doctor Who
walkinthedust - 'Donna Noble' from Doctor Who

Crossover Comms

btvs_hp - Angel: The Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter Crossovers
btvs_sv - Angel: The Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Smallville Crossovers
castlexovers - Castle Crossovers
charmed_sv - Charmed/Smallville Crossovers
chloecrossing - Chloe of Smallville Crossovers
clairecrossing - Claire of Heroes Crossovers
crossing_who - Doctor Who Crossovers
gargoylesxovers - Gargoyles Crossovers
heroes_dcu - Heroes/DC Comics Crossovers
heroes_f4 - Heroes/Fantastic Four Crossovers
heroes_spidey - Heroes/Spiderman Crossovers
heroes_xover - Heroes Crossovers
hmd_crossovers - House, M.D. Crossovers
hp_cm - Harry Potter/Criminal Minds Crossovers
hp_f4 - Harry Potter/Fantastic Four Crossovers
hp_sv - Harry Potter/Smallville Crossovers
lwd_crossovers - Life With Derek Crossovers
merlin_xovers - Merlin Crossovers
ml_btvs - Moonlight/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossovers
moonlight_cross - Moonlight Crossovers
pmv_crossovers - Primeval Crossovers
sn_crossovers - Supernatural Crossovers
spn_angel - Supernatural/Angel: The Series Crossovers
spn_dcu - Supernatural/DC Comics Crossovers
spn_gw - Supernatural/Ghost Whisperer Crossovers
spn_xm - Supernatural/X-Men Crossovers
sv_batman - Smallville/Batman Crossovers
sv_dcu - Smallville/DC Comics Crossovers
sv_f4 - Smallville/Fantastic Four Crossovers
sv_heroes - Smallville/Heroes Crossovers
sv_roswell - Smallville/Roswell Crossovers
sv_spiderman - Smallville/Spiderman Crossovers
sv_twilight - Smallville/Twilight Crossovers
sv_xm - Smallville/X-Men Crossovers
xm_hp - X-Men/Harry Potter Crossovers
xmen_f4 - X-Men/Fantasic Four Crossovers
xmen_heroes - X-Men/Heroes Crossovers

Fandom Comms

bf_listen_again - Big Finish Productions
bigfinishlove - Big Finish Love
crepusculito - Twilight Spanish
merlin_tv - Merlin (BBC)
pol_fandom - Proof of Life

Fandom Newsletter Comms

daily_snitch - Harry Potter
firefly_signal - Firefly
judgment_daily - Terminator; The: Sarah: Sarah Connor Chronicles
ninth_wonders - Heroes
spnnewsletter - Supernaural
trek_news - Star Trek
who_daily - Doctor Who

Fanfic Comms

beatlewivesfic - Beatles Wives Fics
dollhouse_slash - Dollhouse Slash Fics
dollhousefics - Dollhouse Fics
drwhodarkfic - Dark Doctor Who Fics
dw_babyfic - Doctor Who !Baby Fics
heroes_fic - Heroes Fics
mortal_fic - The Mortal Instruments Fics
moviefanfiction - Movie Fiction
numb3rs_genfic - Numb3rs General Fics
numb3rs_slash - Numbers Slash Fics
reboot_rpf - Star Trek Real Person Fics
repofiction - Repo Fics
spn_au - Supernatural Alternate Universe Fics
st_reboot - Star Trek Reboot
st_xi_kink - Star Trek XI Kink Meme
startrek_rps - Star Trek Real Person Slash
terminatorfic - Terminator Fics
torchwood_fic - Torchwood Fics
trekfics - Star Trek Fics
twilight_slash - Twilight Slash Fics

Fic-A-Thon, Flash, Fest, Big Bang & Fic Exchange Comms

bigbangblackout - Sirius Black Big Bang
cuddy_fest - Cuddy Fest
dg_ldws - Draco/Ginny Last Drabble Writer Standing
dmhgficexchange - Draco/Hermione Fic Exchange
dmpp_ldws - Draco/Pansy Last Drabble Writer Standing
doll_ficathon - Dollhouse Fic-A-Thon
dollhouseff - Dollhouse Flash Fic
element_flash - Sapphire and Steel Flash Fic
entourage_fest - Entourage Fest
gen_ficathon - Multifandom General Fic A Thon
ginnybigbang - Ginny Weasley Big Bang
hp_triangle - Harry Potter Love Triangle Fest
kink_bigbang - Kink Big Bang
lm_hgficxchange - Lucius/Hermione Fic Exchange
marauderbigbang - Marauder Big Bang
pairechallenge - Peter/Claire Challenge
psychflashfic - Psych Flash Fic
sixathon - The Sixth Doctor Fic A Thon
sga_flashfic - Stargate: Atlantis Flash Fic
smallfandom - Small Fandom Big Bang
smallfandomfest - Small Fandoms Fest
smallfandomflsh - Small Fandoms Flash
snuna_exchange - Snape & Luna Fic Exchange
sshg_exchange - Severus/Hermione Fic Exchange
sylelle_chall - Sylar/Elle Challenge
trek_exchange - Star Trek Fic Exchange
trek_rpf_kink - Star Trek Real Person Kink
tw_bigbang - Torchwood Big Bang
twilightbigbang - Twilight Big Bang
xmmficathon - X-Men Movieverse Fic A Thon

Prompt Comms

2x5obsessions - 2x5 Obsessions
5_times - 5 Times
7_crossovers - 7 Crossovers
7_sins_virtues - 7 Sins & Virtues
10_dates - 10 Dates
10_hurt_comfort - 10 Hurt & Comfort
10_random - 10 Random
10_snuggles - 10 Snuggles
25crossovers - 25 Crossovers
30_secrets - 30 Secrets
50_darkfics - 50 Dark Fics
50ficlets - 50 Ficlets
50kinkyways - 50 Kinky Ways
50passages - 50 Passages
100_colours - 100 Colors
crossovers50 - 50 Crossovers
csi50 - CSI 50
disneych_100 - Disney Channel 100
drabblechalleng - Drabble Challenge
family_15 - Family 15
fivebyfiction - Five By Fiction
galorechallenge - Crossover Galore Challenge
gateverse1000 - Stargate Verse 1000
ginny_draco_100 - Ginny Draco 100
ha_prompts - Hey Arnold Prompts
harryscorp100 - Harry/Scorpius 100
heroes15 - Heroes 15
heroes100 - Heroes 100
him_tbbt_100 - How I Met My Mother/The Big Bang Theory 100
hpgen100 - Harry Potter General 100
hsm_100 - High School Musical 100
joss100 - Jossverse 100
kirk_spock100 - Kirk Spock 100
marauder100 - Marauder 100
merlin100 - Merlin 100
movie_100 - Movies 100
paranormal25 - Paranormal 25
primeval100 - Primeval 100
ships50 - Ships 50
slash_me_twice - Slash Me Twice
slytherin100 - Slytherin 100
snupin100 - Snupin 100
spn13 - Supernatural 13
sv100 - Smallville 100
thousandtables - A Thousand Tables
whoniverse1000 - Who Verse 1000
writers_choice - Writer's Choice
xmen15 - X-Men 15
xmen100 - X-Men 100

Relationship Comms

abby_stephen - Abby/Stephen (Primeval)
adam_niki - Adam/Niki (Heroes)
alex_lorna - Alex/Lorna (X-Men)
alex_meredith - Alex/Meredith (Grey's Anatomy)
altdocrose - 10.5/Rose (Doctor Who)
amyricky - Amy/Ricky (Secret Life of an American Teenager)
angel_husk - Angel/Husk (X-Men)
bbc_robinmarian - Robin/Marian (Robin Hood)
beth_josef - Beth/Josef (Moonlight)
blair_marcus - Blair/Marucs (Terminator: Salvation)
bruce_kara - Bruce/Kara (Batman/Smallville)
brucebarbara - Bruce/Barbara (Batman)
brucelovesharv - Bruce/Harvey (Batman)
buffyxander - Buffy/Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
cappievcasey - Cappie/Casey (GREEK)
castlebeckett - Castle/Beckett (Castle)
chekov_sulu - Chekov/Sulu (Star Trek)
chloe_ac - Chloe/AC (Smallville)
chloe_otp - Chloe/All (Smallville)
claire_mohinder - Claire/Mohinder (Heroes)
claire_topher - Claire/Topher (Dollhouse)
clatian - Claire/Hatian (Heroes)
connor_wright - Connor/Wright Terminator: Salvation)
cute_boots - 10/Astrid (Doctor Who)
cyclops_siryn - Cyclops/Siryn (X-Men)
derek_casey - Derek/Casey (Life With Derek)
doctor_donna - 10th Doctor/Donna (Doctor Who)
drake_megan - Drake/Megan (Drake & Josh)
dunhamnbroyles - Olivia/Phillip (Fringe)
dustmeggie - Dustfinger/Meggie (InkWorld)
dw_forever - 10/Rose/Donna (Doctor Who)
echo_boyd - Echo/Boyd (Dollhouse)
echo_paul - Echo/Paul (Dollhouse)
edandleighton - Ed/Leighton (Gossip Girl)
eli_maggie - Eli/Maggie (Eli Stone)
erica_callie - Erica/Callie (Grey's Anatomy)
garrett_kate - Garrett/Kate (Twilight)
george_lexie - George/Lexie (Grey's Anatomy)
hearts_in_time - 9/Rose (Doctor Who)
heydollyrocker - Ben/Jo (Doctor Who)
ivyandrobin - Ivy/Robin (Batman)
jackrhys - Jack/Rhys (Torchwood)
jackxianto - Jack/Ianto (Torchwood)
jacobtanya - Jacob/Tanya (Twilight)
jakeward - Jacob/Edward (Twilight)
josef_elle - Josef/Elle (Moonlight/Heroes)
kaka_x_vege - Goku/Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
kara_oliver - Kara/Oliver (Smallville)
kirk_mccoy - Kirk/McCoy (Star Trek)
lee_allison - Lee/Allsion (Medium)
lion_lamb - Edward/Bella (Twilight)
lionwolf - Edward/Seth (Twilight)
lorelai_sam - Lorelai/Sam (Gilmore Girls/Supernatural)
loves_them_all - The Doctor/All (Doctor Who)
lukemina - Mina/Luke (Demons)
lukeruby - Ruby/Luke (Demons)
marriedoneday - 10/River (Doctor Who)
master_rose - The Master/Rose (Doctor Who)
matt_hrg - Matt/Noah (Heroes)
matt_molly - Matt/Molly (Heroes)
mattaudrey - Matt/Audrey (Heroes)
merlin_ot4 - Arthur/Gwen/Morgana/Merlin and Uther/Igraine/Nimueh/Gaius (Merlin)
merlingwen - Merlin/Gwen (Merlin)
merlinthreesome - Merlin Threesomes (Merlin)
oliver_zatanna - Oliver/Zatanna (Smallville)
peter_rogue - Peter/Rogue (Heroes/X-Men)
petrelli_ot3 - Peter/Nathan/Claire (Heroes)
puppet_master12 - Peter/Adam (Heroes)
raven_speedy - Raven/Speedy (Teen Titans)
rikki_zane - Rikki/Zane (H20: Just Add Water)
robinkate - Robin/Kate (Robin Hood)
rogue_lance - Rogue/Avalanche (X-Men)
sabrina_harvey - Sabrina/Harvey (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)
sam_bela - Sam/Bela (Supernatural)
scarletspeed - Supergirl/Flash (Superman)
scottandkitty - Scott/Kitty (X-Men)
scottandrogue - Scott/Rogue (X-Men)
scotty_uhura - Scotty/Uhura (Star Trek)
shawn_lassiter - Shawn/Lassiter (Psych)
smith_n_jones - 10/Martha (Doctor Who)
smith_rose - John/Rose (Doctor Who)
stephen_claudia - Claudia/Stephen (Primeval)
sylar_adam - Sylar/Adam (Heroes)
sylar_claire - Sylar/Claire (Heroes)
sylarelle - Sylar/Elle (Heroes)
ten_christina - 10/Christina (Doctor Who)
tenmarthajack - 10/Martha/Jack (Doctor Who)
thesaxons - The Master/Lucy (Doctor Who)
tracertwins - Amy/Zara (Doctor Who)
tw_rarepairs - TW Rare Pairings (Torchwood)

Other Comms

children_time - Children of Time Awards (Classic Who, New Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood)

Land Challenge Comms

bonesland - Bones
definitely_dead - True Blood
forksland - Twilight Series (Books/Movies)
fullerverse - Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, and Wonderfalls
heroesland - Heroes
hoodland - Robin Hood (BBC)
hpotterland - Harry Potter (Books/Movies)
jjverse - Alias, Fringe, Lost, Star Trek
spnland - Supernatural
twelvecolonies - BSG: 2003
whedonland - Angel, Buffy, Dollhouse, Firefly
wholand - Classic Who, New Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood

Want to become an affiliate? Contact the mod HERE.

All info was taken with permission from heroes_fest and revised to fit the subject of the fest. Thanks!

24, 30 rock, 4400, 90210, alias, andromeda, angel the series, anita blake, arrested development, bad girls, battlestar galactica, big bang theory, blackadder, blood ties, bones, brimstone, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, carnivàle, castle, charmed, chronicles of riddick, chuck, closer, cold case, commander in chief, criminal minds, crossing jordan, csi, daria, dark angel, days of our lives, dead like me, deadwood, dexter, doctor who, dollhouse, dr horrible, dr who, eureka, everwood, fanfic fest, farscape, faulty towers, fest communities, fic fest, firefly, forever knight, freaks and geeks, friends, fruits basket, ghostbusters, gilmore girls, gossip girl, greys anatomy, guiding light, harry potter, heroes, highlander, house, huck, jericho, kyle xy, law and order, leverage, life on mars, lord of the rings, lost, magnificent seven, miracles, monk, moonlight, mutant x, mythbusters, ncis, numb3rs, one piece, oz, primeval, private practice, privileged, project runway, psych, pushing daisies, reaper, reba, robin hood, rome, roswell, sailor moon, sarah connor chronicles, scrubs, sentinel, serenity, shakespeare, six feet under, skins, smallville, sound of music, south of nowhere, south park, spn, star trek, star wars, stargate: atlantis, stargate: sg-1, stephanie plum, supernatural, svu, terminator, the closer, the dead zone, the l-word, the mentalist, the mummy series, the nanny, the office, the sound of music, the tudors, the unit, the unusuals, third watch, torchwood, true blood, tscc, twilight, twin peaks, underworld, veronica mars, weeds, west wing, x-files, x-men, xena, young riders